Community Participation

People with a disability usually find it difficult to interact and engage in activities in a social setting. At iCare, we understand how much community participation can change a person’s well-being. For this reason, we strive to create the right environment to encourage social interaction.

Social, economic and community participation includes things like support to attend community-based activities and assistance to participate in social groups. The activities may take place in a range of locations such as in the community, in a centre or at a sporting venue.

Community Participation include;

  • Attending a course or a class to pursue an interest
  • Joining a club or social group
  • Going on holidays, or just for a day out
  • Attending a show or concert, or even just a trip to the movies
  • Attending a camp 
  • Develop skills to get out and about – like using public transport
  • Learning how to use social media

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