Day Programs


At iCare, the community engagement activities focus on actively taking part in the community, building and strengthening friendships, making choices as a group on what they want to do, and most importantly having fun. iSocialize activities are available for all age groups. Activities are always age-appropriate and we take great care to ensure the safety […]
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After School & School Holidays Activities

Our after school and school holidays activities provide great choices for school-age children living with a disability. About our after school and school holidays activities The program runs weekdays from a number of locations in the South West close to public transport. Some activities take place in community facilities or iCare centre, while others take […]
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Life Skills Activities

iCare Community Services offers a range of life skills supports that are designed to help people with a disability live active, healthy and independent lives. About our Life Skills Activities Activities are mainly run in groups with experienced support staff, providing lessons in a safe and productive environment. They can also be tailored to suit […]
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