How a NDIS provider can help you

About NDIS

NDIS, or The National Disability Insurance Scheme, is an initiative by the Australian Government that helps people with a disability. A disability may be physical, intellectual or sensory, as well as psycho-social. Accordingly, there are various approved NDIS service providers that may offer different services.

To be able to apply for the NDIS, you must first estimate your eligibility. You can do this using the eligibility checklist on the NDIS website.

If you meet the NDIS eligibility criteria, in order to receive supports you need to get registered with NDIS.  The application process begins by making an Access Request or filling a form. You will need to provide evidence of your disability such as reports or other documents. Detailed information is available on the How to Apply page of the NDIS website.

Finding NDIS Service Provider

Your NDIS supports will be provided to you by NDIS service providers. An NDIS service provider is an organisation that actually delivers the service to a disabled person. This is the core part of the system and the connection point between the disabled person and the NDIS. An approved disability service provider may also be a person.

To be able to use the services and supports, the disabled person must find a suitable approved disability service provider that will provide the required type of disability service. The best way to find is using the Provider Finder service or the NDIS website, where you can download a list of  NDIS approved providers. You can use your existing service provider if they are registered with NDIS. If you have difficulties finding a suitable service provider in your area, contact your ECEI Coordinator, LAC or Support Coordinator.

What to expect from NDIS Service Provider

So that NDIS understands your support needs and goals, and you understand possibilities of NDIS providers, a planning meeting between you and NDIS will be scheduled. The meeting can be held either in person or over the phone. This is an important part of the process. Your goals may be short term or long term and may range from being able to use public transport independently to more complex goals such as finding an employment or gaining necessary skills. Depending on this, you may need a different NDIS service provider. You can start this process at the NDIS planning meeting or you can start thinking about it and planning beforehand.

After the planning meeting you will receive a copy of your approved NDIS plan. It may include personal information about you, about your family and friends and about your goals.

Once you have an approved NDIS plan, you can look for NDIS service providers. These are specialist service organisations that employ trained staff that will deliver the supports and services listed in your NDIS plan. It is important therefore to carefully review your NDIS plan so that it when implemented by the NDIS approved providers, it delivers to your expectations and goals.

You should contact your selected service provider and let them know what services and supports you would like to receive. The services will be claimed by your NDIS approved provider against your NDIS number, so you should always give your NDIS number to your NDIS provider.

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