Hope Cottage

Povide relief from poverty, hopelessness and suffering for any perosns who are in need, irrespective of their nationality, race, ethnic origin and religious beliefs.  Since 2015 – Through partnerships with Foodbank Australia, ScondBite, Coles Supermarkets, Nando’s and OzHarvest – iCare’s Hope Cottage has provided cooked meals and access to fresh healthy food to community members experiencing hardship. iCare’s dedicated base of approximately 20 volunteers collect partner donations, sort them into family-sized packages and distribute them to community members – free of charge every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Weekly approximately 90 individuals and families receive packages that include fresh fruits, vegetables and other grocery items. Equipping those experiencing financial hardship including low income earners, pensioners, newly arrived migrants and the homeless.

Meet the Daniels Family

This family of six had been experiencing financial hardship for some time, but through receiving weekly food packages they have been able to reduce their weekly grocery bills by approximately $50. This saving is equipping them to address other household bills and reduce their credit debt.

Empowered by Hope Cottage, the family has been using waste from the program to start their own organic garden to grow produce for themselves and their community.