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iCare Community Services is a multifaceted not-for-profit organisation established for the sole purpose of helping those who are disadvantaged in the wider community in Australia. Our programs are geared and oriented at advancing the welfare and living standards of the unemployed and disabled residents within the south west and western Sydney demography.

We aim to achieve our objectives by collaborating with various governments, social and welfare initiatives such as the Department of Human Services “Work for The Dole” program and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS); organisations focused on relieving hunger such as Foodbank Australia, SecondBite and OzHarvest; as well as other philanthropic benefactors focused on eliminating poverty and inequity.

Because we work closely with you, your family and support network. We listen, we understand, and we speak your language.

iCare is a committed, not for profit organisation with a strong focus on delivering person centred community services to promote independence, build confidence and to improve the quality of life of residents in south western Sydney. We do this through our highly trained and experienced staff and volunteers who provide person centred services that result in our participant’s, their families and carers receiving individualised, quality services with measurable results. We build our business practices around involving our participants in service delivery and planning, ensuring that participant’s rights are always respected and supported, promoting clear communication and feedback from participants and staff and on responsible and ethical business practices.

We uphold our high standards by training our staff on current best practice and by working collaboratively with other agencies to achieve the best results for our clients and participants.

iCare’s mission is to work with the community to deliver essential services that promote independence, community participation and choice and to improve the quality of life of residents. Our services are delivered by professional staff and volunteers that are responsive to the individual needs of our service users and their family.

iCare was established because we have a passion for bringing hope in the midst of suffering. We believe in the practical demonstration of charity by assisting and working with communities in south western Sydney to advance the social and public welfare of low income and disadvantaged people, including those with disabilities, through practical programs that promote and improve their living standards.

iCare is responsive to the needs of the community and ensures our staff enhance their skills and knowledge to better address the needs of individuals and the changing needs of the community.

What We Do

iCare provides various social welfare and benevolence initiatives,
broadly categorized as follows:

On the Job Training

Jobs readiness and on the job training to equip unemployed individuals, including those receiving Australian government income, to re-enter the workforce...

Benevolent Relief

iCare community service also provides benevolent relief to low income and disadvantaged individuals in our communities to improve their living standards.

NDIS Services

We believe a significant opportunity exists for iCare to bring hope to some of the most vulnerable people in our community: people with disabilities and their carers.

Our Partners