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iCare ServicesThe NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) focuses on the person with the disability and how we add value across all areas of their life. As their commitment to Australians they offer a high level of support and care for the individual with all of the services that they need to improve their well being.

What the NDIS program means for you in 2017

We welcome the positive changes and are proud to be supporting the NDIS plan. Here’s a little bit of information about what the future looks like with the NDIS. We welcome you to look at their site using the links provided below.It also helps to keep up to date with their roll out.

Who may access individualised support packages?

To be eligible to receive individualised supports under the NDIS a person must meet certain access requirements. These include that the person must:

  • be under 65 years of age when the access request is made.
  • find out if you live in an area where the NDIS is available then click here
  • what paperwork and screening is involved to meet the residency requirements (be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or Protected Special Category Visa holder)
  • meet the disability or early intervention requirements and
  • Requests for access to NDIS individualised supports are made to the NDIA. Those found eligible are known as NDIS ‘participants’ and usually remain eligible for life.

What type of individualised supports are available to help you out?

On the NDIS website
Supports may be funded in areas such as education, employment, social participation, independence, living arrangements and health and wellbeing. They may include funding for:

  1. daily personal activities
  2. transport to enable participation in community, social, economic and daily life activities
  3. workplace help to allow a participant to successfully get or keep employment in the open or supported labour market
  4. therapeutic supports including behaviour support
  5. help with household tasks to allow the participant to maintain their home environment
  6. help by skilled personnel in arranging aids or equipment assessment, set up and training
  7. home modification design and construction
  8. mobility equipment and
  9. vehicle modifications.

The NDIS website provides more detailed examples of the kinds of supports that might be provided to participants.

Case management and a detailed care plan make a big difference

NDIS participants meet with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to identify a set of supports agreed as ‘reasonable and necessary’ to meet their goals. These are then included in their ‘NDIS plan’. Under the objects and principles of the NDIS Act, participants are entitled to exercise ‘choice and control in the pursuit of their goals and the planning and delivery of their supports’. Funds provided under an NDIS plan may be managed by the participant, the NDIA, a registered plan management provider or a nominee of the participant. Supports are provided by registered providers.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme: a quick guide

Contact Links :
Disability Insurance Scheme
NDIS website www.ndis.gov.au
NDIS Telephone 1800 800 110
8am to 5pm (local time) Monday to Friday

For people with hearing or speech loss
TTY: 1800 555 677
Speak and listen: 1800 555 727

NDIS enquiry form

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) roll-out over the coming years will change the way services in Australia are provided for people with disabilities, who will have high level care , choice and control over their own lives. There are several initiatives being rolled out.

If you would like more information on the NDIS or to book a “provided services to you” NDIS personalised information session, please fill out the form below.