iCare Migrant Integration Program

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We are proud to pilot a migrant integration program,
this program is an effective way to settling in with great ease, in a community supported environment.

Caring and welcoming staff make a significant difference to this program

Migrtion Program

Migrants Integration Program

Program description: This program is specially designed to assist new non-English speaking migrants and migrants who are having difficulties to assimilate within the Australian and find gainful employment. Local participants will be encouraged to adopt a new migrant and provide assistance on understanding the intricacies of the Australian culture. Migrants will also be given training sessions (including English) on and career pathway advice.


1. Interview migrants
2. Provide assistance with settling in
3. Create a English curriculum that matches their needs
4. Develop a Local buddy system – have lunch socialise with a local Australians and sample Cuisine for cultural integration
5. Attend career counselling sessions, job fairs and work placement seminars to integrate international experience to Australian standards
6. Attend relevant training sessions for the required new – for eg office and computer skills set training

Learning Outcomes:

1. Ability to understand and assimilate the intricacies of the Australian culture
2. Ability to Assimilate within the Australian society and have confidence doing so
3. How to integrate overseas qualifications to gain Australian employment and open new opportunities