iCare Group Activities

iCare Services

It is a service division of iCare Community Services which orchestrates a rich and diverse range of classes and activities for the south west Sydney community.

We provide services from our core operation centre in Liverpool, as well as offer outreach services to a number of places according to the needs and demands of the community.

The aim of Community Engagement is to provide local residents with opportunities to improve their quality of life by offering services that are educational, recreational, cultural and social minded.

We want to empower community members by increasing access to advice, information and opportunities for consultation. We want to ensure that the disabled, disadvantaged and unemployed people within southwest Sydney have learning opportunities that will empower them with a voice and access to decision-making to shape their own lives.

Our team at iCare works tirelessly to provide a range of innovative services and activities, of which we hope you can be part of. Join us.