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We manage opportunities by taking a very basic model of retailing with low risk stock and inventory, and help participants explore opportunities for growth in this business sector.Each part of the business is broken down and given its own allocation and responsibility.

Opshop and Retailing

Program Description:
This activity will teach participants the basic principles of how to manage and run a retail store. Participants will be encouraged to think of it as managing their own business and will be taught to be responsible for the success and performance of the store. New and innovative layout and design and promotion of the store learn all the processes and principles in operating and managing a retail store

Task :

1. Plan the types of items that will be up for sale
2. Plan the design and lay-out of the store
3. Prepare the basic documents for operation – Stock taking, sales record, receipt of sale, attributing and allocating preparation for sale costs, income and expenditure sheet
4. Collection of store items from the Charity Drive department
5. Used items send them for laundering and ironing department
6. New items arrange and design outlay of store
7. Assisting customers with purchase and responding to queries

Learning outcomes :

1. How to manage and operate a retail store on a small scale
2. Customer service management
3. Design and layout of retail store
4. Creating and managing profitability
5. Sense of responsibility and ownership of the project
6. Build the confidence and business acumen


iCare Services