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iCare downunder project


This activity is geared at providing on-the-job training and experience for job seekers with a keen interest and/or prior experience in writing, speech, journalism and mass communication. This project entails job seekers operating an online radio station which involves designing, creating and coordinating various specialised interest programs and promoting the radio station to achieve the goal of becoming a community local radio station.

Tasks allocated to this project:

  • Researching on doing a business and progress strategic plan and overview for the management of the radio station
  • Developing a manual for operating the radio station from opening to closing time
  • Developing operation and behavioural rule for the station both on and offline
  • Operating the computer radio system
  • Researching, writing and creating programs to run on the radio
  • Develop a time logged program overview
  • Promotion of the radio station through social media

Suggested areas of competency and learning:

  1. Learn proper research and journalism skills that are market ready and appropriate
  2. Working together to identify target customers and their demographics
  3. Improve writing and communication skills
  4. Improve various levels of creativity
  5. Build confidence and leadership skills
  6. Our supportive team help you every step of the way and will guide you through the process of regaining your confidence

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