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German Bicom Bioresonance Therapy is a gentle, painless therapy method. It is based on biophysics(the physics of life processes) which doesn’t focus much on the biochemistry or the matter section of the body. It focuses more on the structures of the energetic(light) bodies, such as electromagnetic fields. This approach is designed to bring the structures of the energetic bodies back to their equilibrium state. Research found that the biophysical level is super-ordinate to the biochemical. It regulates it and determines the structure of matter and, consequently, the structure of our organs too. Instead of intervening to correct the body’s chemistry, the biophysical approach intervenes at the prior step, by altering the instructions being sent around the body. This will prevent and correct chemical disturbances. This model is employed by bioresonance.

Why is Bicom Bioresonance Therapy so popular?

The simple answer is people feel better. Over 80% of people report an improvement after treatment. it’s easy to see why it is now Europe’s leading complementary allergy therapy. Bicom therapy works on body’s electromagnetic field through bioresonance principle, it enhance cell communication; stimulates body’s innate healing ability, It is gentle, painless, well-tolerated.

How Does Bicom Bioresonance Therapy Work?

All substances emit a specific electromagnetic wave each with its own individual characteristics. This is known as a frequency pattern. The Bicom therapy uses these frequency patterns taken either from the body or from substances that are stressing the body. The Bicom separates these waves into harmonious and disharmonious components. The healthy ones can be boosted and sent back to the body to strengthen normal functions, while the unhealthy ones are inverted, or turned upside down, before returning them to the body to reduce their negative effects. The simplest way to understand the inversion process is to compare it with that of noise-cancelling headphones.

A typical treatment session will last up to 60 minutes and will consist of several therapy programs. First what stressors that affecting the patient are identified. This can be done together assessment of toxins and allergies using energetic electro-acupuncture method. These determine which therapy programs are used. With each session, information from the body or substances is altered and sent back to the patient via a large electromagnetic therapy mat.

The Bicom therapy method provides signals corresponding to the patient’s physiological status. It detects changes in physiological functions that are outside of normal awareness, amplifies these signals and provides this as feedback to the patient with the intention of promoting the healing process. Examples of use are pain reduction, muscle relaxation, stress reduction and reduction of allergic reactions.

Example 1: Let’s say there are symptoms like a runny nose and a cough. Body secretions (saliva, mucous etc) can be used as the ‘input’ information along with an electrode at the throat. These secretions have both healthy and unhealthy aspects. The bicom picks up the energetic information from this, and then internal filters separate the ‘healthy’ frequencies from the ‘unhealthy’ frequencies, amplifying the healthy energy and calming down or cancelling out the ‘unhealthy’ frequency.

Example 2: The patient presents with an allergic response to a food additive. In this example we are dealing with a toxin. Unlike the previous example there is no healthy aspect to this substance so a vial containing the food additive will be used as the input. The frequency pattern of the additive is passed through a filter which then inverts it. This new frequency is then sent back to the body. This cancels the effect of the toxin on the patient.

BICOM Bioresonance Therapy has been used in its country of invention, Germany, since 1977 and today is used worldwide by doctors and health practitioners. It is a gentle, non-invasive therapy using computer generated frequency oscillations and is designed to be relaxing and therapeutic.

BICOM bioresonance therapy is beneficial for almost any condition and is noted for eliminating allergies in children. In fact, BICOM is used in every paediatric hospital in China to treat eczema and asthma. BICOM bioresonance therapy helps our bodies cope with allergies and intolerances that can stress the body and overwhelm our immune systems. In the case of people with allergies, the immune system overreacts and causes symptoms like food allergies, skin rashes, hay fever, asthma, eczema and fatigue. Our bodies can also become strained by heavy metals, parasite infections, viral and bacterial infections, chemicals, radiation, moulds, pesticides and herbicides. In the clinic, we can test for the cause of these strains in the body and provide treatment using biofeedback. These toxins, when present in large amounts, can cause our immune systems to react in an over sensitive way to the allergens. Treating these toxins with bioresonance takes the immediate strain off our immune systems and allows our bodies to take over the job of fighting germs in the body and allowing us to restore our balance of health.

Bioresonance, by its very nature of reducing toxic strains in our bodies, also treats symptoms such as headaches, bloating and inflammation in the small and large intestine, dental problems, joint pain and fatigue. We can identify allergies by the body’s electrical reaction to the suspected substance tested and we can prevent the immune system sending an over reactive response by sending a reverse mirror image oscillation pattern of the energy of the allergen into the body. Using BICOM bioresonance in this way, the body is desensitized to the allergen and no longer reacts.

Weight loss is an added benefit of BICOM Bioresonance Therapy as reducing the toxic load in the body naturally speeds weight loss and increased energy. An Anti-Smoking program is also available and is based on the allergy inversion method of bioresonance treatment as mentioned above. We use acupressure points in the body to help detoxification and stop cravings.

Although people may present with similar symptoms, all BICOM Bioresonance Therapy treatments are individualised to each person and generally a few treatment are recommended to help complete detoxification. It is advised to have these treatments weekly or fortnightly depending on your symptoms and the aim is for your immune system to be strengthened and to take over the job of protecting you from allergies and toxins.