iCare Services

How iCare Community Services came about

iCare Community Services is caring multi-disciplinary service provider for people with an intellectual and/or physical disability and those in need of special care.In a long or short term capacity we provide contemporary, flexible, innovative and NDIS based services to support people with an ongoing disability.

iCare Community Services helps to bridge the much-needed gap between living at home, community living and independence. iCare Community Services is committed to providing interesting opportunities within the living environment and the community that those the disabled live in.

“In all that we do, and all that we are – we model creating value through benevolence, great service delivery and our generosity.”

Our vision which we stand by is to be nothing less than a leading service provider of choice that continues to inspire, empower, equip and provide care and support of the disabled, the vulnerable and the unemployed and provide them with positive solutions for wellbeing

Daily, we provide services from our core operation centre in Liverpool, as well as offer outreach services to several places according to the needs and demands of the community. We do this on a case by case basis.The aim of iCare Community Services Engagement is to provide residents with opportunities to improve their quality of life by offering services that are educational, recreational, cultural and social minded.

iCare Community Services offering affordable homecare solutions for individuals or couples who need care and support, but prefer to remain at home.

Busy caregivers balance home life, work, and the caring for a loved one. It can be one of the most rewarding and challenging tasks of one’s lifetime. Family caregivers have little time for themselves and often let the stress of an extraordinarily busy life take a toll on their own health and happiness.

To help families like yours who need help caring for a loved one at home, iCare Services experts provide compassionate caregivers to assist your loved one in the home.

Call us to request a no obligation consultation. Whether a few hours each week or 24 hours a day, we will provide the level of care you need. Give us a call today and be on your way to a better life for you and your loved one.

We adopt a Person-Centred Approach
We work closely with you, your family and support network to deliver a ‘person centred’ support plan. We focus on building your skills so you can work towards a healthier lifestyle.

iCare Community Services Flexible Plans
We understand that circumstances can change and have flexibility in our plans to allow for unexpected events.

iCare Services Community Living
Our Accommodation Service promotes independence by supporting you to with a tailored solution that best suits you and your family.

Various Funding Initiatives
Currently we support people where a package of funding can be identified. This could be through an NDIS plan or funding from a Government department or organisation.

Who we are
iCare Community Services is a Not-for-profit Organisation duly registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC).
We are a registered NDIS service provider and we offer a wide range of services that offer individuals, families and carers support and care that will improve their quality of lives and standard of living.

At iCare Community Services, we believe that is important for people to be actively involved and integrated in community life. We can support you to take part in activities that both challenge and inspire you to live the life that you want to live, learn new skills, meet new people, maintain your health and wellbeing and to have positive living experiences. If you want to be more active, enjoy music and be artistic, or just like being social, we can support you. You can also access the iCare Community Services’ Music and Creative Development Program. This program offers a range of recreational and creative development activities in either individual or group settings.

Our community support services are specifically designed to enable people to have positive experiences and to achieve as much independence as possible in leading full, active and healthy lives. Our services are flexible and tailored to each person’s needs and interests.

We will work with you to develop a plan that outlines how we will support you to achieve your goals. You will be supported by a passionate, dedicated and highly skilled team of staff, trained to assist you with your support needs and who will encourage you, listen to you and respond to your needs and interests.

We offer support through the week and weekends, depending on your needs and interests, including:

  • Support with daily living activities such as accommodation, communication, mobility, transport and other tasks
  • Assistance to link into social and recreational community groups and clubs within your area
  • Assisting you to develop and participate in volunteer roles that interest you
  • Meeting with family and friends
  • Participating in sport and a range of leisure activities
  • Support for you to access training and educational courses
  • Support for you to attend social events
  • Support for you to attend medical and other appointments;
  • Assistance with access to personal fitness programs, gyms and sporting activities in your local community
  • Assistance for you to build your confidence and independence in using public transport facilities
  • Physical well being programs such as music therapy, counselling and physical exercise programs
  • Assistance with active management of complex health support needs with provision of nursing and therapy supports where required
  • iCare Community Services’ Creative Development Programs and Workshops
  • Arts and crafts workshops with opportunities to work alongside other artists and exhibit your work
  • Community gardening activities
  • Music appreciation group activities
  • Youth programs
  • Aquatic activities
  • Community outings
  • Sporting activities
  • Cooking classes

You may also be interested in learning about our planning your support processes. This involves talking with a counsellor and a team leader to help you break down the barriers and we assess your needs on a case by case basis.

We offer the following services to support the community :

iCare Group Activities

  • It is a service division of iCare Community Services which orchestrates a rich and diverse range of classes and activities for the south west Sydney community.
  • We provide services from our core operation centre in Liverpool, as well as offer outreach services to a number of places according to the needs and demands of the community.
  • The aim of Community Engagement is to provide local residents with opportunities to improve their quality of life by offering services that are educational, recreational, cultural and social minded.
  • We want to empower community members by increasing access to advice, information and opportunities for consultation. We want to ensure that the disabled, disadvantaged and unemployed people within southwest Sydney have learning opportunities that will empower them with a voice and access to decision-making to shape their own lives.
  • Our team at iCare works tirelessly to provide a range of innovative services and activities, of which we hope you can be part of. Join us.
  • Our service offering is highly flexible and is tailored to accommodate your specific needs, if you can’t see the service listed above, call in to our office. Connect with us via phone and speak to a friendly member of our team about what we can do for you, your family or loved ones .